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Return of the Sigma 50-500mm Lens: Heron Photos

Several weeks ago my Sigma 50-500mm lens developed a problem. Now honestly I’m probably not super easy on gear. I drag it along on hilkes, in and out of cars, in kayaks. My photo gear […]

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Spooky Birds: Sometimes the Kayak Lets You Get Closer for More Compelling Photos

There are certanin large wading birds I always love to see. However, those birds also are some of most skiddish birds found around the Crystal Coast. A couple that are always especially hard to get […]

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Greater Yellowlegs: A Crystal Coast “Snow Bird”

A large North American shorebird, the Greater Yellow Legs is similar in appearence to the slightly smaller Lesser Yellowlegs. Adults have long, yellow legs (hence their name) and sport long dark bills that are slightly […]

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Kayaking Near Beaufort, North Carolina: Return to Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve

Sunday’s weather forecast was calling for an absolutely perfect day. Even though I early afternoon commitments that I couldn’t get out of there was no way I wasn’t going to get the kayak into the […]

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