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A Virtual Art Walk

Myself and several of my artist friends are doing a virtual art walk. Basically in the spirit of an art walk in a town or village, you can view the other artists work by visiting […]

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The Crystal Coast – Down East

Defining Down East in Carteret County Carteret county North Carolina is known as “the Crystal Coast.” A segment of it is frequently referred to as “Down East.” That region roughly begins where Highway 70 makes […]

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Autumn View of the Mill Pond

Location and Information A couple of miles outside of Newport, North Carolina a large mill pond sits next to Mill Creek road. The property is privately owned so access is limited. But there are some […]

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Scenes From the Elliot Coues Nature Trail

Elliot Couse Nature Trail The Elliot Couse Nature Trail is a 3 1/4 mile loop hike found in Fort Macon State Park. This well maintained footpath leads through maritime forest, past a saltmarsh estuary environment […]

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A Favorite Place If you’ve followed my blog or photography you know I love the Island Creek Nature Trail area in the Croatan National Forest. Living along coastal North Carolina most of the woodlands are […]

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A Summer Evening at Fort Macon State Park

A Favorite Destination Fort Macon is one of several attractions found along the Crystal Coast in Carteret County, North Carolina. Being close to home it should be no surprise that I visit it often. In […]

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Rainy Day Photography – A Drive Downeast

The Adventure As luck would have it my vacation fell during a rainy period in Eastern North Carolina. While certainly not a good circumstance for outdoors activities, roadside photography was certainly an option. I decided […]

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Mountain Scenes in Black & White

It’s no secret. I love black and white photographs. There is something special about them. Monochrome images are about differences in tone and texture. In some ways color can be distracting to the viewer. Grayscale […]

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A Symbol of Summer – the Sunflower

The Three, No, Four Sisters You may be familiar with the term “the Three Sisters,” staples of Native American gardens: Corn, Beans, Squash. In addition to these three staples in many of these prehistoric gardens […]

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Exploring Country Roads: Rural Decay as Art

Driving the Backroads I sometimes spend a morning or afternoon exploring country roads in search for old buildings to photograph. Part of my motivation is to create an archive of these disappearing structures. But I […]

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