Spooky Birds: Sometimes the Kayak Lets You Get Closer for More Compelling Photos

There are certanin large wading birds I always love to see. However, those birds also are some of most skiddish birds found around the Crystal Coast. A couple that are always especially hard to get a shot of are Reddish Egrets and Little Blue Herons… though admittedly the more common Great Blue Heron and Great Egret can be pretty tough to get close to as well. I also find getting within camera range of Snowy Egrets to be particularly challenging. Even though the kayak helps, allowing you to get a bit closer than you could using a land approach, it doesn’t take much to spook these guys. Here are a few shots from my last couple of kayak outings where I happened to get lucky.

A Little Blue Heron perches on a barrier island along North Carolina's Crystal Coast.

A Reddish Egret, one of the rare large wading birds found along the North Carolina coast.

A Snowy Egret searches for a meal along Taylor's Creek.

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