What Constitues A Successful Photo Expedition

One of my favorite daily reads is Charlie Borland’s blog, Pro Nature Photography: The Business of Outdoor and Nature Photography. This morning’s article, “What Is Success in Nature Photography”, talked about photographic business success in a general sense. While an excellent read it got me contemplating what makes a photo expedition successful. Realistically, one can’t expect to make a portfolio quality image every time out with the camera. Regardless of ones talents those opportunities don’t always present themselves. For me I think a successful outing is one that either produces an image good enough to use on the blog, or on which I learn or discover something new. If I happen to make a portfolio image, well that’s just icing on the cake. Below is an image from this morning’s hike. I think it was a successful expedition, don’t you?

A cypress tree graces the banks of the Neuse River near Havelock, North Carolina.

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