Cliche’: We All Do It

We all try to make original images. We search for subjects that haven’t been photographed before or unique angles or techniques to use on those that have. But the fact is we’re all going to take a shot of an overly photographed subject or apply a tried and true technique from time to time. Living near the beach, we have a lot of palm fronds around. These are a popular subject for creating abstract images using macro lenses. Of course these abstracts are so popular they’be become a bit cliche’. Still, I’ve noticed even some of the top rated, highly successful macro guys and gals have versions of this tried and true shot in their portfolio. While out looking for image opportunities yesterday morning I just couldn’t resist the urge to make a couple of these types of images. So what the heck, I might as well share!

A classic, or is that cliche' abstract of a palm leaf in black and white.

A palm abstract in color.

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