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Wild Horses In a Rare Crystal Coast Snow

Depending upon one’s point of view the Crystal Coast was blessed or damned with a winter storm recently. Getting enough snow to cover the ground is really a fairly rare occurrence here. For a few […]

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Wild Horse Photos From a Kayak? You Betcha!

When most people think of wild horses they think of the American West. Visions of canyons, buttes, and wde open spaces fill their minds. But there is a healthy population of wild mustangs living along […]

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In Nature Appearances Can Be Deceiving

In nature things aren’t always as they appear. Harmless Milk Snakes share color scheme and similarities in pattern with deadly Coral Snakes. An American Bald Eagle will not get its distinctive with head and tail […]

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Black Skimmers Along the Crystal Coast

The Black Skimmer is one of the more interesting birds found along the Core Banks barrier islands of the Crystal Coast. These interesting birds nest on sandy beaches and sand banks, laying three to seven […]

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On Nature Photography Outings Plan Ahead But Be Flexible: Out Foxed by the Horses

I rolled out of bed early this morning with a solid plan for some nature photography on Carrot Island. I’d launch the boat at Fisherman’s Park, Front and Gordon Streets in Beaufort, and make the […]

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Ruddy Turnstone: A Migratory Visitor to the Crystal Coast

The Ruddy Turnstone, once included in the Plover family, is a migratory member of the sandpiper family. Like many of our migratory shorebird visitors the Ruddy Turnstone breeds in tundra areas during the summer. Over […]

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Greater Yellowlegs: A Crystal Coast “Snow Bird”

A large North American shorebird, the Greater Yellow Legs is similar in appearence to the slightly smaller Lesser Yellowlegs. Adults have long, yellow legs (hence their name) and sport long dark bills that are slightly […]

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Kayaking Near Beaufort, North Carolina: Return to Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve

Sunday’s weather forecast was calling for an absolutely perfect day. Even though I early afternoon commitments that I couldn’t get out of there was no way I wasn’t going to get the kayak into the […]

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