Pine Savanna Landscape: Always a Challenge for Me

I frequently see landscape photos of wood areas that are absolutely beautiful. However, when I’ve tried to make these kinds of images I’ve always struggled to satisfy myself with the results. I’ve tried and tried, experimented, studied and examined the work of others and felt like I’d finally started to get a handle on making these images. So this morning I went out the a pine savanna area in the Croatan National Forest to try my hand at making a quality landscape… or is that forestscape… image.

When I got home from my morning photo expedition I decided to check out some of my favorite blogs before working on post processing. Oddly enough one of the posts was about something the author referred to as “3D rule of thirds.” He aptly explained exactly what I had struggled to figure out for myself. Be sure to check it out at Quick Tip: The 3-D Rule of Thirds.

Prescribed burns are an important tool for keeping pine savanahs healthy.

The Croatan Forest has a pine savanah which is an important environment. Pine savanahs allow grasses and wildflowers to flourish.

Pine savanahs can be found throughout the Southeastern United States.

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