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My previous post dealt with a landscape view of the pine savanna. In landscape photography you’re showing a large area. Hopefully in an artistic, interesting way. Macro is pretty much the polar opposite. Instead of looking at the big picture the artist is exploring a minute portion of it, the details. Macro shots are frequently abastract though can be documentary in nature. Their success often depends upon things like lines and patterns as well as areas of softness and hardness. One thing I do want to be clear about, I don’t consider myself to be all that adept at shooting macro. But it is fun to explore this genre of photography from time to time. So in this post I take a more intimate look at the pine savanna and explore it in small pieces.

Textures and colors can play a major role in the success of a macro photograph.
A close-up detail of a Trumpet Pitcher Plant creates an interesting abstract image. Light shinning through the plant adds to the appeal of this macro shot.

A cluster of small yellow flowers makes and interesting subject.

The leaf of a Southern Blue Flag Iris after a rain shower makes and interesting subject.

Even a dead leaf stuck in a mud puddle can be an interesting macro subject.

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