Green Heron

Green Herons are an interesting bird. Or at least I think they are. I suspect that most people think of a tall bird on long, towering legs when they hear the term “heron.” The Greenie, however, is demure with short legs compared to its cousins the Great Blue, Little Blue, and Tricolor. The Green Heron also has a unique way of catch fish. They will actually dangle a twig in the water like a fishing bait to attract prey! Usually a skiddish, elusive bird, I was suprised when this little Greenie allowed me to drift in so closely with my kayak. He stayed calm and continued fishing even when I was almost close enough to touch him! His tolerance of me provided some great photo-ops but also made it a great experience for me. And after all, getting a shot is only part of the joy of nature photography, being there and experiencing the outdoors is so much more.

The Green Heron is a realtively small, short bird when compared to other herons and egrets.

Green Herons are usually shy, elusive photographic subjects.

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