Changing Goals Mid-stream

Last Sunday afternoon I decided to take a hike along one of my favorite local trails. The location had always been productive for song birds and I planned to play around with the little Audubon bird call I’d receieved for Christmas, and to try my luck at some pishing. However, being a beautifully, sunny warm day and a Sunday afternoon, the area was quite busy. In the picnic area was a group of young men, somewhat drunk I suspect, whooping, hollaring and singing very loudly and very, very out of key. Along a trail the trail a family walked with the little boy exclaiming “MOM! MOM!” every third or fourth step. There just wasn’t any chance I was going to have any success photographing birds under the circumstances. I really only had a couple of choices: Give up and go home or pursue another subject. I decided to switch gears and go after something else.

On my way to the trail I’d passed an area that had several dogwoods in bloom. Figuring it would be quieter and that the blooms might make an interesting subject, I headed back up the road to that spot. It’s important to be flexible, willing to change to goals when you’re out shooting. Things don’t always go as planned. Plus you never know when a unique opportunity will present its self. I never head out without at least three lenses: A telephoto for wildlife, a wide angle for landscapes, and a macro lens for close-up work. Be prepared, be flexible and have fun. Here’s my favorite shot from the afternoon.

A black and white close-up of a dogwood bloom.

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