Backyard Assignment: Fun With Macro Lens and Extension Tubes

I was visiting one of my favorite blogs this morning ( and read an interview with Mike Moats. The piece included a link to Mike Moats’ blog ( If you’re not familar with Moats he’s a macro guy, a very successful one. Anyway, a couple of the things on his blog raised my eyebrow. For example he mentioned that the majority of his work is shot close to home in a local park. He also mentioned that his best selling prints are things which people are familiar with… can relate to. With that in mind and a cold front approaching I decided to wander around my yard with a macro lens, tripod, reflector and extension tubes. It seemed like a better idea than setting out in the kayak or on a hike with thunderstorms approaching.

I’m not particularly a “macro” or “flower” kind of guy, but it was an interesting self assignment. I have a lot of respect for the folks that are really good at that kind of photography. It’s not easy to find images, even thoguh I know they’re there. Learning to see images that others would over look is really key to any kind of photography. Self assignments such as this one are one way of training ones self to see. It’s not always so much a matter as stepping outside of THE box as stepping outside of YOUR box. Here are a few of the results.

Backyard macro assignment Backyard dandilion close-up

Backyard photo assignment Backyard macro photography

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