Wild Mustang Tender Moments in Black & White

Not surprisingly to folks that know me, I went paddling at the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve this morning. High-tide was early and I had hopes of finding some horses feeding on the flats… but they weren’t there. I did a bit of shore bird photography instead then headed back to my launch point. Since it was still early and the sun fairly low in the sky, I decided to beach my kayak and take a little walk to find some horses. They were exactly where I expected them to be. The young colt, born December 2010, was mouthing and nuzzling the stallion I suspect is his father. It made for some nice, intimate photos. For my tastes I thought they worked best in black & white. I hope you enjoy them.

A wild stallion with colt along the North Carolina coast.

Wild horses of the North Carolina Outer Banks.

This colt was born December 2010 on Carrot Island in the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve. Wild horses photographed near Beaufort, NC.

A wild Banker Pony with foal.

Banker horses live wild along the NC coast.
Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve is home to a small herd of wild mustangs.
Wild horses of the southern outer banks.

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