Wild Horse Crossing

Many folks that visit the wild horses living within the boundaries of the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve or the Cape Lookout National Seashore don’t get to see the horses swimming between islands and shoals. If they do it’s often from a distance and seldom provides a chance for the viewer to photograph them. To get these kins of shots you usually need to be working from either a boat or a kayak. This is one of the reasons I’ve arranged for participants to spend one day working from a boat during the 2013 Wild Horse Photo Safaris. You can learn more about these tours by visiting the following page: https://carolinafootprints.com/index.php/workshops/. Below are a few images taken this winter.

A wild horse swims between islands in the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve.

A wild stallion emerges from a cold swim on a January morning.

Wild horses swim between islands.

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