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Cape Lookout Light and a Wild Mustang

Unquestionably one of the most iconic images for the wild horses of the Cape Lookout National Seashore, finding an angle that will permit a photographer to include the lighthouse in the background of a wild […]

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Wild Horse Crossing

Many folks that visit the wild horses living within the boundaries of the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve or the Cape Lookout National Seashore don’t get to see the horses swimming between islands and shoals. If […]

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Intimate Black & White Wild Horse Portraits

No doubt if you’ve followed my blog for long you’ve seen me post a few intimate, close-up portraits of wild horses. It’s something I enjoy doing and have been working hard to master. While I’m […]

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Are You Ready to Rumble? Wild Horse Spat on the Tidal Flats

I was out photographing the wild horses yesterday evening. There were a few little spats that broke out while I was there. These short little bouts are about territory and domination and usually last only […]

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Wild Horses on the Tidal Flats

I launched my kayak one morning last week and it was a perfect morning for photographing the wild horses of the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve from a kayak. These majestic animals were out feeding on […]

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White Ibis and Little Blue Heron Along the Beaufort NC Waterfront

I had the opportunity to launch my kayak and do a little wildlife photography the other morning. It was an extremely winding morning, making it a little difficult to hold position while shooting. The fast […]

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Shackleford Banks Wild Mustang

The other evening I came across a memory card that I’d neglected to download. It was the last card I had loaded into my camera during June’s Wild Horses of the Crystal Coast workshop. While […]

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Wild Horses in Late Morning Light

Like most photographers I prefer to make wildlife images in the good light of the early morning or an hour or two before sunset. However, things don’t always work out that way. I’d used my […]

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Little Blue Heron

While paddling my kayak this morning I came across three Little Blue Herons. Two of these tres hombres were quite shy and took to wing before I got within camera range. But one was absolutely […]

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Oak Toad: Anaxyrus Quercicus

I paid a visit to one of the area’s pine savanna areas yesterday morning. I wanted to look around and see if any of the various wild orchids that grow there had appeared yet. While […]

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