Are You Ready to Rumble? Wild Horse Spat on the Tidal Flats

I was out photographing the wild horses yesterday evening. There were a few little spats that broke out while I was there. These short little bouts are about territory and domination and usually last only a few seconds to a minute. Many times only one horse really even flairs-up, the other just taking it from the aggressor. Below is a series of photos showing one of these sparring matches.

If you’d like an opportunity to take photos like these I have a couple spaces open in a Wild Horses of the Crystal Coast workshop September 15, 16.

The beginning of a wild horse conflict.

The horse fight gets a bit more serious.

Wild horses frequently spar over territory and dominance.

The wild horse fight continues.

Horse fights can be more serious and long lasting when breeding rights are involved.

The conflict is almost done.

Apparently wild horses don't hold grudges.

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