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If It Walks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck… Well, It Must be a Duck!

This morning I spent some time in the forest with little to show for the effort. The whitetail deer just were not cooperating. It happens. Seeing that my original plan wasn’t working out I made […]

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Easy Peasy Duck Photography

Cambridge Maryland has a spot on Oakly Street that is famous for being an easy spot to photograph ducks. Every fall hundreds… probably thousands of photographers flock to the location to make waterfowl photos without […]

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Common Loon on Taylor’s Creek

The other day while paddling my kayak on Taylor’s Creek along the Beaufort, NC waterfront I came across a loon that was quite comfortable allowing me to get close for photos. I just love close […]

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Common Loon

I finally got a chance to get out and make my first paddle of the new year! The skies were overcast, which is usually a good thing for photography. In this case, however, they were […]

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They’re not exactly pretty, not even cute, but they do make interesting photographic subjects.

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Common Mergansers

The morning sky was awash with golds, pinks, purples and blues as I unlashed my kayak from the top of the van. The brisk wind blowing from the north was cold and much faster than […]

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Waterfowl Images: Lake Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge

In my previous posts about Lake Mattamuskeet NWR I didn’t post any images of waterfowl… and lets be honest here what this location is best known for is waterfowl. So not wanting to disappoint here […]

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Great Egret: Lake Mattamuskeet NWR, North Carolina

I thought I might change up things a bit by posting a series of images of one of my favorite wading birds, the Great Egret. In the past the brid was known as the Great […]

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