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Wild Horses of the Carolina Coast

It’s been serveral days since I posted any wild horse photos. Sunday seems like a good day to rectify that situation. Here are a few shots of wild horses made while kayaking in the Rachel […]

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Cold Weather Doesn’t Have to Signal an End to Kayaking

With a chill in the air this morning I thought it might be appropriate to do an article about gearing-up for cold weather kayaking. When you consider the origins of the kayak, indigenous people of […]

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Dunlins are one of the most common sandpiper like birds found in the Carolina estuaries. These small birds with longish, drooping bills scurry about on mud flats and through oyster beds looking for a quick […]

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Ruddy Turnstone

The Ruddy Turnstone is a small wading bird found in and about coastal Carolina. Highly migratory I see these birds around the estuaries in the spring sporting their breeding plummage and during fall and winter […]

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Up Close With the Wild Horses

I was out on the flats at the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve this morning, as were the wild horses. The wind picked up and kept blowing me in a bit closer to the horses than […]

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Yellow Crowned Night Heron Juveniles

I’ve been blessed the last year or two with several opportunities to view and photograph Black Crowned Night Herons. These little herons tend to be quite elusive and a lot of very successful nature photographers […]

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Tricolored Heron

I had the pleasure of photographing a fine Tricolored Heron the other morning. Usually these handsome birds are a bit skittish but this specimen was quite cooperative. A slow approach by kayak, more drifing than […]

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Carrot Island Wild Horses Post Hurricane Irene

I made the trip over to the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve this morning to check on how the horses had came through the recent storm. My original plan was to put in along Front Street […]

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Rain is a Good Thing… No Really!

The Southeast has suffered from lack of rain fall this year. There’s no doubt about it. So in truth I have to celebrate when it rains, even if it’s on a day I’d scheduled for […]

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Wild Mustangs on Taylor’s Creek

Since I mis-set my alarm and managed to over sleep in the morning I opted for an evening trip to visit the horses. I found them along Taylor’s Creek and on the dunes nearby enjoying […]

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