Spreading Pogonia: A Wild Orchid of the Croatan Forest

Realizing that many of my favorite areas for nature photography would be swamped with people visiting the coast for Memorial Day weekend I decided to head a bit off the beaten path and explore a pine savanna area in the Croatan National Forest. I was hoping to find something exotic, a wild orchid known as the Spreading Pogoina, Ceistes divaricata. I got lucky and located two of these rare, exotic native plants. The Croatan National Forest is home to a variety of exotic plants such as orchids and carnivorous plants. I have to admit it’s nice not having to travel far in order to photograph these plants. Sometimes close to home is the best place for nature photography.

The Spreading Pogonia is a rare and exotic plant found in North Carolina. Wild orchids can be found on the pine savannas of NC's coastal plains.

It's hard to image that there are rare and exotic plants growing this close to my Carolina home. There can be an abundance of nature photography opportunities close to home.

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