Boys Will Be Boys: Wild Horse Fight on the Tidal Flats!

I’ve spent a lot of time photographing North Carolina’s wild horses living on Carrot Island, Horse Island, Bird Shoals and Town Marsh. Not too surprisingly these anmials spend most of their time feeding. Even getting shots of a horse with its head up takes some patience. As the scars that can be seen on most of the horses, fights do break out from time to time. The trick is being lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. This morning was one of those times. A couple of the fellas had a little dispute. It was short and sweet… over in a matter of seconds. But it sure was cool. Here’s a shot from the tussle.

Two wild mustangs mix it up along the Carolina coast.

A stallion runs wild and free along the tidal flats, North Carolina coast.

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