Portrait of a Pelican: Harkers Island, North Carolina

To be honest I’m more than a little sick of all the rain this winter. I’d planned to do the Neusiok Trail this winter but the weather is really… oh no! lame pun warning… dampening those plans. There’s three reasons to hike the Neusiolk in the winter: 1) Few or no insects. 2) No snakes. 3) The trial is DRY AND COMFORTABLE. Oh well, maybe next year. The wet weather is even messing with my day hikes, local photo outings and regional explorations. If it’s not raining, it’s overcast, the lighting is flat and dim. Just not the best conditions for photography.

I was out last Thursday morning looking for some shots. I started out at Cedar Point on the Tideland trail, but there just wasn’t much going on. On my way home I got this brilliant idea (they’re always brilliant when still in the idea stage) that since the wind was picking up and rain threatening there might be some ducks held up on the Willow Pond on the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum Property. The Willow Pond features a nice, comfy blind for observing and photographing any waterfowl or wading birds visiting the pond. On my way I noticed a few Brown Pelicans perched on pilings at the community marina at Harkers Island. As the rain had started I figured shooting out the window of my van might be a bit more pleasant than walking the short trail to the blind. I liked this portrait of a pelican and thought I’d share. Oh, in case you’re wondering, I did make the short walk to the blind, camera and tripod in tow. Not a single duck to be found. Such is the nature of nature photography.

A Brown Pelican poses for a rainy day portrait.

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