Picture Perfect Doesn’t Always Mean a Perfect Picture

When I’m shooting flower images I’m usually looking for one of two things: An absolutely flawlessly perfect bloom or a flower past it’s prime with drooping or twisted petals that add interest to a photo. Macro photography guru, Mike Moats calls it “character.” Others might refer to as “the X-factor” or “personality.” No matter how you choose to try to identify it when shooting blooms perfection doesn’t always equate to a great photo. Below are a few shots from this evening’s outing. These flowers are all past their prime but still make interesting subjects. Perhaps even more than if they were “picture perfect.”

A picture perfect flower doesn't always make a perfect flower picture.

Call it character of the x-factor older wildflower blossoms often make more interesting photos.

Look for petals that are wilting or folding in interesting ways when looking for character in nature.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Classic beauty isn't always the most interesting subject matter.

An interesting tilt or twist can help create a compelling image.

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