Happy Fourth of July!

As we celebrate the birth of our nation and the red, white and blue, our tricolored flag, I thought an image post of a Tricolor Heron might be appropriate. While it’s colors aren’t a perfect, patriotic match it does of the blue-gray of a Little Blue Heron, the red of a Reddish Egret and of course some white. Granted there are those amoung us that would say it’s a rust, white and grey rather than red, white and blue bird, but it’s the closest I’ve got today.

This little fellow was feeding along Taylor’s Creek across from Beaufort, North Carolina one morning. He was intently watching for small baitfish to snatch for breakfast, allowing me to approach much closer than I’m used to with these birds. He didn’t seem to mind my presence at all. Even with all the photography I do from a kayak I’m still sometimes surprised by how comfortable some subjects will be with my intrusions into their lives.

A Tricolor Heron fishes along Taylor's Creek across from historic Beaufort, NC.

It's almost surprising how closely a photographer can approach these skiddish birds in a kayak.

Tricolor Herons get their name from their coloring: red (rust), white and blue (gray), making image of them appropriate for a patriotic holiday like the Fourth of July.

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