Fall Approaches, Wild Flowers Fade

Lately the mornings have been a little cool. Not crisp and frosty yet but the hint of autumn is definitely there. With that hint of fall the wildflowers found along the forest service roads are beginning to fade and wither. That can actually be an interesting to time to mount a macro lens to the favorite DSLR body and make some art.

Now some folks aren’t going to see the beauty in wilted, drooping petals, but there is a character about them. They also won’t “get” the use of selective focus or shallow depth of fields. While other photographers may heap piles of compliments on such offerings, the non-photographers… or at least not serious shutterbugs… may make comments like “at least I can get a flower all in focus” or something similar. And just imagine their shock when you photograph a flower from the back! But that’s okay. Art isn’t about pleasing everyone else. It’s about pleasing ones self. Below are a few selections from my recent effort to capture these fading flowers.

Selective focus on a yellow flower.

An unusal view of a wildflower.

You don't always have to photograph a flower in a familar way.

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