Best Laid Plans and All That!

Last night I headed to bed earlier than usual. I planned to get up early this morning, have a bit of breakfast and head over to the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve at sunrise, which corresponded closely with this morning’s high tide. Unfortunately I set the alarm to go off in the PM instead of the AM! It’s a mistake I’m sure we’ve all made. When I awoke I realized my mistake but also realized that by the time I could get ready and launch my kayak I’d miss the good morning light. Oh well, best laid plans and all that. So instead of posting some photos from this morning as I’d planned, here are a couple of shots of a lovely Tricolor Heron from yesterday afternoon’s outing.

A Tricolor Heron perches in a tree along Deep Creek in the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve. A Tricolor Heron streaches his neck.

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