There’s Magic in Fog

The other morning I’d planned to rise early and head out in search of a Whitetail Deer photo or two. However, having stayed up too late the night before, I rolled over and went back to sleep when the alarm went off. A couple hours later I woke up and started my day. As is usual, the first act of the day was to take my dogs outside for their morning break. As I look around my heart sank… fog! Lovely, hazy, mysterious fog! Why, why, why didn’t I get out of bed when the alarm went off?

Back inside I fixed a quick breakfast, gulped down my food and coffee and threw on some clothes. Grabbing camera an gear I headed to the closets woodlands/hiking trail to my home. I crossed my fingers and hoped that the fog would lift before I could find a shot or two.

There is what I thought was a little grassy knoll next to the trail at one point. I decided to jump off the trail and explore that a bit. To my surprise it is the remnant of an old forest road cutting a clear, grassy path through the forest. As I explored this lovely grass covered path I discovered that it provided some lovely scenes, especially with the shroud of fog hanging in the background and seeping through the trees. Below is one of the images from the adventure.

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