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Starfish on the Beach

Sometimes it’s fun to visit the local gift shops, select an object and use that as a prop for a photo session. This evening I decided to spend a little time photographing a starfish on […]

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A Handsome Dark Stallion on the Tidal Flats

I made a trip to the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve yesterday evening. My goal, as it often is, was to photograph a few of the horses in the golden evening light. I found one of […]

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Time the tides right and catch the wild horses out on the tidal flats at the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve and you have the perfect opportunity to include some reflections in your composition. This location […]

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Sea Shells

I had fun playing with autumn leaves on a light box project. So much fun, in fact, that I decided to try it with some sea shells. While the leaves lay fairly flat on the […]

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Book Review: “The Great Smoky Mountains, Behind the Lens”

I just completed reading Richard Bernabe’s ebook, “The Great Smoky Mountains, Behind the Lens.” Richard is a South Carolina based photographer and a fellow member of the Carolinas Nature Photographers Association. His book presents twenty […]

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Wild Horses of the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve

Here’s a few shots from an early autumn morning visit to the reserve. All of these wild horse photos were taken from the cockpit of my kayak.

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Gulls: Easily Overlooked by Photographers

When you first visit or move to a coastal location you’re fascinated by these ever present birds. You see them everywhere and you’re awed by their grace in flight and willingness to beg for left-overs. […]

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Camera Simulator: A Great Learning Tool.

I came across a link to this neat online photography educational tool while visiting the Carolinas Nature Photography Association’s member forums. If you’re somewhat new to photography or are used to point and shoot cameras […]

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Negative Space as a Compositional Tool in Wild Horse Photography

As nature photographers we’re usually scrambling to fill the frame with as much of the animal we’re shooting as possible. But Negative space… leaving the animal somewhat small in the frame… can be a powerful […]

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I’m Not a Bug Guy

I’m not a bug guy so when I tell you the images below are of a Long Tailed Skipper keep that in mind. I could easily have the identification totally wrong. Also, since bugs aren’t […]

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