Gulls: Easily Overlooked by Photographers

When you first visit or move to a coastal location you’re fascinated by these ever present birds. You see them everywhere and you’re awed by their grace in flight and willingness to beg for left-overs. However, if you’re a “native,” or after you’ve lived along the coast for a while, they become virtually invisible. Always present… always begging… not so affectionately referred to as “sky rats” by the locals. It’s easy to overlook them when you’re a nature photographer living on the coast. But the truth be told they’re not particularly ugly. They are graceful in flight. And lets face it, the sight of a gull truely does scream ocean, beach, water! Besides, the tourists love them too. Below are a few shots of a common sight around the Crystal Coast, Laughing Gulls. They are in their winter plummage.

A Laughing Gull sits on an oyster reef.

It's easy for photographers to overlook the lowly seagull.

A Laughing Gull flies above the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve.

Laughing Gull in flight.

A seagull soars above the Crystal Coast.

Flying seagull.

Laughing Gull flies over Back Sound near Beaufort, NC.

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