I’m Not a Bug Guy

I’m not a bug guy so when I tell you the images below are of a Long Tailed Skipper keep that in mind. I could easily have the identification totally wrong. Also, since bugs aren’t my thing, I wouldn’t offer these as great examples of what macro photos of butterfiles and moths should look like. They’re what I like… some soft focus areas, aka selective focus. I suspect that “bug guys” would want a more documentary shot with the entire, or at least most of the animal in focus. I didn’t shoot these to illustrate textbooks or encyclopedias. I shot them to please myself.

When you think about it that’s exactly what photographers should be doing… expressing themselves. The exception, of course, is when creating a commissioned work or while on assignment. Also, those striving to sell their works as fine art or for editorial uses do need to keep in mind what sells. But even then, you have to stretch your artisitc legs from time to time and make images that make you happy. If it isn’t fun… if you can’t express your vision, what’s the point?

I give you a Long Tailed Skipper (maybe) as photographed by a non-bug guy:

I'm not a but bug guy but I do find them interesting.

Long Tailed Skipper

This may not be the correct way to photograph a Long Tailed Skipper but I like it.

Selective focus is something I enjoy on macro photos.

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