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Blue-Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium atlanticum)

While out exploring last weekend I came across a small patch of Blue-eyed Grass. A native wild flower of the Carolinas this pretty little flower is a member of the Iris family. I find the […]

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From Fire Springs Life

I made a visit to a pine savanna in the Croatan National Forest. A couple weeks prior to my visit there had been a control burn in the area. It was interesting to see the […]

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Sometimes Conditions Force a Change of Game Plans

My alarm went off well before sunrise yesterday morning. As I pulled myself out of a sleepy state the first thing I did was look out the windows to see how the morning was shaping […]

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Sea Shells

I had fun playing with autumn leaves on a light box project. So much fun, in fact, that I decided to try it with some sea shells. While the leaves lay fairly flat on the […]

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Autumn Leaves

Yesterday I did a little book review of Mike Moats’ ebook, “Macro Workshop.” It only seems fitting to post a couple images inspired by his work. Here are several autumn leaves laid-out and arranged on […]

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Summer’s Last Hold-Outs

I noticed a couple hold-outs from summer while out in the yard today. I couldn’t resist making a couple photos before they disappear till next year.

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Tiny Tree Frogs

I was visiting the hiking trails in the Emerald Woods park of Coast Guard Road in Emerald Isle the other morning When I disovered serveral tiny Green Tree Frogs. I have to admit the litte […]

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Fungus Among Us (I Know… an Old Pun)

I took a little hike along a section of the Neusiok Trail the other morning… specifically the section from NC 306 and heading towards the Pine Cliff Recreation Area. I turned just a little before […]

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Dead Leaves Can Be Interesting Subjects

While hiking a portion of the Neusiok Trail this morning I came across some pools of yellowish water covering some dead, rotting leaves. The smell coming from the puddles was less than pleasant and the […]

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I’m Not a Bug Guy

I’m not a bug guy so when I tell you the images below are of a Long Tailed Skipper keep that in mind. I could easily have the identification totally wrong. Also, since bugs aren’t […]

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