Sometimes Conditions Force a Change of Game Plans

My alarm went off well before sunrise yesterday morning. As I pulled myself out of a sleepy state the first thing I did was look out the windows to see how the morning was shaping up. I could see my home was surrounded by a heavy fog. Foggy conditions really weren’t going to be condusive to the photography I’d planned for the morning so I decided to crawl back in bed for a couple hours and wait to see if the fog would burn off.

When I got up the second time the fog was gone but the skies were hidden by heavy, white overcast. This type of sky really doesn’t provide the look I had in mind for my target subject. Rather than blowing off the entire morning I made an adjustment in my plans to better fit the conditions. I realized that things just weren’t condusive for making photos of anything that would include the shy. Landscapes, large animal portraits and birds in flight, many of my favorite photography targets, weren’t really good options for the day. Instead I’d be better off concentrating on subjects that would exclude the sky.

If I could locate some interesting subjects it would be a good morning for macro photography. Since I’d gotten off to a late start I decided to stay close to home… back yard close! A little survey of the area and I found a few subjects I thought might be interesting. Spring is early and life is starting to blossom, bloom and explode in the plant world. I found these maple tree seed pods that were colorful and that had interesting textures.

When skies are bland a better plan is to concentrate on macro subjects.

Maple tree seed pods are colorful in the spring.



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