Sunday Morning Adventure: Kayaking on the White Oak River

I’ve been curious about the canoe/kayak trail on the White Oak river for a long time. But I’d never taken the time to explore any of it. The fact is that for me the kayak is largely a photography platform; a way to get close to wild life or gain access to areas I wouldn’t otherwise be able to photograph. When paddling the area’s blackwater rivers and streams photo opportunities are few and far between. The biggest exception being when the fall foliage is in its full glory. The creeks and rivers can present some lovely imaging opportunities then. Even knowing I’d be lucky to even get one useful photo, the adventure was calling. I wanted to see what there was to see. While kayaking may be mostly and means to and end for me, it can be a joy in and of itself as well.

I launched at the Long Point Landing area. This is a neat little spot with room for a couple of tents if one wanted to do some camping. When I arrived fog was heavy on the river so I delayed just a little to allow some of it to burn off. Upon launching I headed upstream towards the Hayward landing boat ramp. By starting my trip against the current I’d have the luxuray of a little help on the return trip. Along the way I spotted a few ducks… (you’ll almost never sucessfully approach a wild duck in a kayak for a photo op.)… a very skittish Great Blue Heron that never allowed me a single photo, a Cormorant or two and even a Bald Eagle (again, no photo ops). All in all it was a pleasant little 6+ mile paddle on a beautiful early December morning.

A kayaker surveys the White Oak river at Long Point Landing.

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