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I recently made a trip to Lumberton, North Carolina to show my young Belgian Tervuren puppy in the Myrtle Beach Kennel Club Dog shows at the Southeastern Agricultural Building. On the way home I made a few stops along the way to grab some photos. There was a tree a few yards down the road from the event site that I thought was quite interesting. I also came across an river scene that I had to stop for only to discover a lovely trail running beside the picturesque black water river. I also came upon an old house that was in very poor shape with an interesting sign in the front yard. Below are a few of my captures. I do hope you enjoy them.

I noticed this majextic tree when going to the Myrtle Beach Kennel Club Dog Show at the Southeastern Agricultural Events Center, Lumberton, North Carolina. After finishing showing for the day I headed down the road to make this photo. I’m presuming it’s some kind of oak tree, though I didn’t really bother to identify the species. I find trees standing in solitude in open fields quite inspiriong. They envoke feelings and thoughts of strength and survival… I draw a hopeful attitude from them. The belief that I can stand strong and survive the solitude in my life.
The South River where NC 41 crosses it in Duplin county, North Carolina provides a traditional southern scene. It’s banks are lined with Bald Cypress trees. The water of the lazy river is tinted brown with tanins. It all combines to present a picturesque view of the southern United States. It is late Spring and the foliage is a vivid green. The tall trees cling to the bank, holding on to what seems a precarious perch. A well worn path meanders along the bank, likely well used by local fishermen. It is a tranquil, serene location.
Here’s a classic southern scene. The banks of a lazy river are lined with Bald Cypress trees. The slow moving waters are the color of tea, stained by tannins released by fallen vegetation. It is a view that can be found throughout the southern United States. This is South River, where NC highway 41 crosses the slow moving water. There is a trail that runs along the bank of the river. That path is obviously used by locals seeking to catch a fish. The path is well worn. This appears to be a popular location for fishing, relaxing and just enjoying nature.
This old Southern home, perhaps once the manor house or a flourishing plantation, stands in ruins in Duplin County, North Carolina. A sign in the front yard states that the house is available for restoration. If someone takes on that project they’d better have some very deep pockets. It looks as if the structure is in extremely poor repair. Should someone decide to take on the job upon completion it will be a beautiful home to see.

And of course I need to share a photo of my pup! This is a fun shot made with a fisheye lens. Kolari’s Purple Rain Du Classique, “Rain,” my Belgian Shepherd Tervuren.

A portrait of a Belgian Tervuren puppy created with a Rokinon fisheye lens.

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  1. jim hughes April 29, 2022 at 8:26 am #

    The river shots are beautiful but I LOVE the AVAILABLE FOR RESTORATION. Talk about opportunity! That house is missing more paint than the Sphinx. You’d sand for the rest of your life and by then you’d be seeing daylight through the siding.

  2. Steve Heap May 1, 2022 at 4:42 am #

    A “fixer-upper” indeed! The river looks really peaceful and a great opportunity to stroll and take pictures! Love the look of excitement in your dog’s face! The fisheye lens was perfect for this.

    Can I ask about a processing question. I look at a lot of photos on these blogs and my first reaction to many of your forest images is that the leaves seem very “edgy” as though they are heavily sharpened? Of course that is absolutely your preference on how they look, but I just wanted to mention what goes through my mind. It could be scaling for my iPad of course!

  3. Louis Dallara May 3, 2022 at 5:35 pm #

    Bob; I love the dog photograph.

  4. admin May 3, 2022 at 6:09 pm #

    Steve, actually I almost never run sharpening on my images. I do, however, use a module in the Nik Collection called “Detail Extractor” that may account for what you’re seeing. I’m not sure if it’s overkill or not. I’d love to hear some more opinions.

    When I do sharpen I tend to use “Orton Sharp” in ProPanel. That tends to put a bit of a softened, dreamy feel to the scene.

  5. Jim Cook May 7, 2022 at 8:01 am #

    Terrific photos and writing. Often interesting, what we will find when taking the time to stop what we are doing and explore a little bit.

  6. Katrina Gunn May 7, 2022 at 6:13 pm #

    That first river photo has the lighting and coloring to make a nice painting – and I mean that in a nice way. Glad you included a pic of the pup as well.

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