Ospreys, a Crystal Coast Rite of Spring

I went for a hike last Wednesday morning. Not too surprisingly a pair of Osprey had returned to nest in the location for the second year in a row. When I first relocated to the Crystal Coast I was fascinated by these lovely sea eagles. Over the years I must admit I’ve come to not pay them as much attention as I once did. After all, in spring they arrive from their southern wintering grounds and we continue to enjoy a healthy number of this birds all summer and fall. However, not so many years ago this species, like many large raptors, were in danger due to pesticide use, environmental pressures and other issues. It’s important not to take these majestic animals for granted. Here’s a couple Osprey portraits from Wednesday’s walk.

Osprey are a frequent site along the NC coast.

Osprey are common spring through fall.

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