New Video: Finding Photos in the Chaotic Summer Forest

I explore a visually chaotic forest in the summer in search of a few good photos.

I love the forest, but lets be honest, woodlands can be very visually chaotic. Especially in the summer. Photographers seeking to make images in these conditions need to develop their skills at “seeing.” One needs to look for interesting shapes and areas of high contrast. Many times the best tactic is to take a compact approach. Instead of shooting a big, sweeping landscape, look for small areas of interest.

During the other seasons it may be possible to find an opening allowing a photo of an interesting tree, or shrub. Perhaps even a shot of a wild animal. But in the heat of the summer the forest floor is alive with underbrush. All this growth creates visual mayhem and restricts shooting options.

In this video I explore about a mile of trail in search of interesting subjects. If you know anything about July in the Carolinas you understand that it was a hot, humid walk. Ample quantities of bug spray were required to stave off biting insects. At one point forehead sweat dripped insect repellant into my eyes. Certainly quite uncomfortable.

Along the way I spotted three scenes I felt were worth the effort of imaging. The first two I found on my trek into the forest. The last I discovered while hiking out. It happens like that on out and back walks frequently. The change of perspective allows you to see something you missed on the way in.

I hope you find the video interesting, or at least entertaining. I always appreciate comments and like on my YouTube uploads, Of course comments are greatly appreciated here on the blog as well.

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Thanks for looking.

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  1. Louis Dallara July 13, 2021 at 8:27 am #

    Great video and thanks for sharing please visit my site. Thanks Lou

  2. Rebecca Herranen July 14, 2021 at 8:49 am #

    This was so helpful. Even as a seasoned photographer I have been struggling to find interesting landscapes here in Florida. Everything is flat and a wall of green. It’s even difficult to move around in areas because your are often prevented from entering area due to wildlife like alligators. In the summer it gets incredibly overgrown and thick. Excellent video, Thanks

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