Napping Least Sandpipers

During a recent visit to bird shoal I found several Least Sandpipers napping in shallow water. An almost windless day, their reflection was nearly perfect in the smooth, flat water. Conventional wisdom dictates that the best bird images will be wit the head up and angled slightly towards the camera. However I find behavioral photos, such as the shots of these little birds napping below, to be equally interesting.

The Least Sandpiper is one of the smallest shore birds. It breeds on North American tundras and bogs with chicks being able to fly a scant two weeks after hacthing. A migratory bird they visit the southern United States as well as northern South America to winter. They feed on insects, small crustaceans and snail found on the mud flats where they forage.

The Least Sandpiper is one of the smallest shosre birds.

When napping they tuck their heads in facing backwards.

On a windless day the reflection off the water is mirror-like.

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