More Photos of the Horses of the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve

I really never get tired of visiting and photographing these amazing animals. And while the history of this herd isn’t nearly as romantic as that of their cousins living on Shackleford Banks and at Corova, it’s still a special experience to observe them. When visiting these majestic animals it’s important to keep in mind that they are living wild. Do not try to pet them or approach them too closely. And for Pete’s sake, don’t even think about trying to climb on to ride one! These are big, powerful animals. A kick from one could seriously injure, possibly even kill a person not giving them the respect and space they deserve. Observe and resepct don’t interact and harrass.

A wild horse stands on the tidal flats in the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve.

It's hard to image a place that seems so vast and wild located only a few hundred yards from Beaufort, North Carolina.

Wild horse of the Crystal Coast. Wild mustang near Beaufort, NC.

Wild mustang on the tidal flats.

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