Great Egrets

It’s not at all an unusual sight around the coast of North Carolina. You gaze out over a salt marsh, paddle a slow moving black water stream, or see them along the roadside near a flooded ditch. Great Egrets are definately a common sight. Big, tall and white they’re hard to miss. If you’re lucky you might even catch them doing there dance with wings extended as the scan the water for some tastey small fish or minnows. I had the pleasure of watching several of these birds as they fished at low tide on the southern edge of the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve. Below are a few photos from the outing.

A Great Egret fishes as a Ring Bill Gull looks on.

Great Egret on an oyster reef in the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve.

Great Egret fishing at low tide.

Great Egret doing

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