Forster’s Terns (I Think)

If I’m not mistaken these are Forster’s Terns in winter plumage. I found these little guys while kayaking at low-tide near Beaufort, NC. Low-tide is a busy time in estuaries as a lot of the residents are out feeding in the tidal pools and on the mud flats. The terns were no exception and were busily flying around and dive bombing into the water in search for breakfast. These guys are certainly some fast little birds making getting the flight shots a bit challenging.

A Forster's Tern rests on an exposed oyster bed along North Carolina's Crystal Coast.

These fast flying little terns can be a challenge to photograph in flight.

Forster's Tern flying above Back Sound along the North Carolina coast.

Low tide is a busy feeding time for the residents of estuaries.

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