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Book Review: “Essential Composition: A Guide for the Perplexed” by Richard Bernabe

I’ll confess I’m a fan of Richard Bernabe’s work. He’s a very talented landscape photographer, a member of the Carolinas Nature Photography Association and, like me, makes his home in the Carolinas. A “home boy” […]

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Book Review: “The Great Smoky Mountains, Behind the Lens”

I just completed reading Richard Bernabe’s ebook, “The Great Smoky Mountains, Behind the Lens.” Richard is a South Carolina based photographer and a fellow member of the Carolinas Nature Photographers Association. His book presents twenty […]

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Book Review: Mike Moat’s “Macro Workshop” Ebook.

Like so many businesses Mike Moats ran a “Black Friday” special last week. On the friday following Thanksgiving he offered any of his ebooks art the bargin price of $4.95. How could I resist scarfing […]

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