Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Usually when I visit the Cape Lookout National Seashore it’s to observe and photograph the Mustangs living on Shackleford Banks. The other morning, however, I visited Core Banks instead to get a few photographs of the lighthouse. With my 500mm lens still out for repair I’m somewhat limited when it comes to wildlife & nature photography. As such it seemed like a good time to add few images of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse to my portfolio.

Capelookout light has been guiding mariners navigating the treacherous Cape Lookout Shoals for almost 150 years. The first lighthouse on Core Banks at Cape Point was built in 1819 and only stood 96 feet tall.

A view of Cape Lookout Lighthouse framed by sea oats as seen from the ocean side of the island.

From some locations on Core Banks you can frame Cape Lookout Island with pine trees.

A sandy trail leads up a dune towards the lighthouse in the Cape Lookoug National Seashore. A view of the current lighthouse with the foundation of the original light in front of it.

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