Shackleford Banks Wild Horse Video

I’m not a “video guy.” It’s not something I consider myself good at. But, like many other photographers, I dabble in it a little. A few months ago I purchased a little video camera… a Kodak PlaySport. I was attracted to this little camera because it’s waterproof to a depth of ten feet. That’s plenty deep to use it around water on the kayak. I also liked it’s compact size and the fact that it shoots HDR… not great HDR mind you, but HDR just the same. Since purchasing it I sometimes rig it to the front of my kayak and let it record while I paddle and take photos. When I’m on foot I have an adapter that lets me mount it on top of my still camera vai the flash-shoe. On the rare occassion I’m in the field but without a camera… like a recent Wild Horse photography workshop where one of my clients left their camera body at the hotel… I might even hand-hold the thing. Obviously recording high-quality video isn’t a priority.

Shooting video is only part of the game. Editing is entirely another matter. Footage is one thing, putting it together in an enjoyable, informative or entertaining manner is something else. And I can guarantee it’s not something I’m likely to ever master. Regardless, heres a short video of the horses of Shackleford Banks. It’s more of a learning project for me than an attempt to present something that will wow an audience. Hope you enjoy it as crude as it is.

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