Always A Treat: Photographing American Bald Eagles in Eastern North Carolina

As a boy growing up in the Midwest I’d never have dreamed of seeing a Bald Eagle in the wild. This majestic species was hovering on the edge of extinction. With that memory strongly held in my mind I always get an extra feeling of pleasure and surprise when I come across an eagle in Eastern North Carolina. In the last year I’ve enjoyed a few sightings around the Croatan National Forest and along some of the rivers and streams that form its borders. Sighting two together in a single tree, well that’s a first for me in this part of the state. The following aren’t my best photos by any means. They didn’t stick around long and the sun wasn’t in an optimal position. Never the less, they are special to me because of what they are and what they reprsent. I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

An American Bald Eagle, what was seemed impossible to see is now becoming more common.

Once teetering on the edge of extinction these majestic birds have made a dramatic come back.

Finding two Bald Eagles perched together in the Croatan Forest is a special treat.

A Bald Eagle launches its self into flight, startled by a passing kayaker.

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  1. sue rakes November 3, 2010 at 7:48 pm #

    Hi Bob, well it seems we share many similar passions in photography and nature as well as both grew up in The MidWest. Thank you so much for explaining about the racoon I found on the Shackleford Banks and yes, I did see several horses who surprisingly snuck up on me while I was on the beach photographing other things…way cool! I had the same feelings about eagles until I lived in SE AK for several years and now love them even more! We must connect in person some time as I bet we would delight in exchanging all kinds of tidbits of info that others may not find as intriguing….thanks again for taking the time to comment and I will frequent your blog now that I have found you, Sue

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