Wild Horses on a July Evening

I pulled up in front of Fisherman’s Park on Front Street in Beaufort, flipped on my hazard flashers and unloaded my kayak. A short time later I was making the short paddle across Taylor’s Creek, the onto Town Marsh Island in search of wild horses. I expected to find them on the tidal flats but instead found a group feeding amongst the cedars on the dunes. I spent some time photographing these wild creatures then moved on to look over the flats in search of more of these majestic animals. Glancing out to the flats I spotted a small group of horses so started my wet, muddy hike out to them. Such is a typical evening in pursuit of equines wild… the horses of the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve.

Wild horse at the Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve near Beaufort, NC

Wild Horse on the Carolina Coast

Wild Mustang, Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve

Wild Horse

Wild horse close-up

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