Whitetail Deer in the Morning

Whitetail deer can be a challenge for photographers. They’re shy, spook easy and often live in areas where deep shadows and heavy brush are common. When lucky enough to get close enough to make a photo I find I usually have the ISO cranked up, the aperture opened up and the shutter speed somewhat low. That’s a recipe for digital noise and/or motion blur. There are locations in the east where getting deer photos is somewhat easy, but coastal Carolina isn’t one of them.

I set out this morning with the hope of finding a deer and getting a shot or two. I headed to one of my favorite spots for Whitetail and was about to call it a morning when I found this little guy. Here are a couple of shots from this morning. I was able to work my way to within 20 yards or so of this young buck. Creep a few inches forward… wait while he stares me down… sneak up a few more inches… wait again… a game that played out over and over.

Whitetail Deer , Coastal Carolina

Small Whitetail Buck

Whitetail Deer in Eastern Carolina

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