The Artist Statement

Read almost any article on how to be successful as an visual artist and it will include the suggestion that every artist needs an “Artist Statement.” Frankly that not something I’ve attempted to do before, always choosing to ignore that advice or, perhaps more honestly, to procrastinate and put off that project. This morning I decided to take the plunge and make the attempt. I have no idea if it will help my career as an artist, or if anyone really will care what it says, but I gave it a try anyway. While you can find it on my “About” page, I thought I’d share it here as well. Whether you like or dislike it, think it’s accurate or inaccurate, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Artist Statement

It has been said that a photograph always tells the truth. In reality the truth that any photograph speaks is that which the photographer chooses to tell. A photograph is neither truth nor fiction. It is simply a glimpse at a slice of time, as seen through the eyes of the artist. My photographs are simply a representation of my view of the world around me. My truth. My vision.

I’m particularly drawn to observing and photographing the wild horses which live along the coast of North Carolina. I find these animals beautiful, their behavior fascinating. I hope my photography provides some insight into their lives and their personalities. However my photography is not limited to these horses only. For my entire life I’ve been a lover of the outdoors… an explorer of natural places. In nature I find beauty which I wish to share with others. I find myself drawn to textures, shapes and patterns found in wild places. As a lover of animals I seek capture them photographically, to get to know them more intimately. As an explorer, a traveler along life’s path, I use my photographs to share my journey, vision and discoveries along the way.

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