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Semipalmated Plovers at Rachel Carson Estuarine Reserve

I loaded up my kayak and paid the reserve a visit a few mornings ago. As is usually the case, my efforts were awarded with plenty of photography opportunities. I found these plovers feeding along […]

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Little Blue Heron

While paddling my kayak this morning I came across three Little Blue Herons. Two of these tres hombres were quite shy and took to wing before I got within camera range. But one was absolutely […]

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A Tough Shot from a Kayak!

I launched my kayak last Saturday afternoon with the goal of paddling into a blackwater swamp and sitting for a while in hopes of getting a shot of a Prothonotory Warbler. It was suppose to […]

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Shackleford Banks Seagulls

It’s all too easy to overlook seagulls when making nature photographs. After all, along the coast they seem almost omni-presents. They’re almost everywhere. Even so there are a variety of different gulls and they can […]

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Not Only Wild Horses

While the focus of last weekend was on photographing wild horses other opportunities did present themselves. For example, while waiting on the boat to pick us up we had several interesting shorebirds stroll past. Below […]

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Ooops! Night Heron Repost

Yesterday morning I did a post on Black Crowned Night Herons. Unfortunately my site host was making a nameserver change and that post got lost in the migration. Basically I mentioned stopping by my Night […]

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Sometimes Life Gets in the Way

It seems a bit of a cliche but it’s true, sometimes life gets in the way. Several weeks ago I made a change in part time employment. I happened to time it just as my […]

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Snowy Egret on a Winter’s Day

During my last kayak photography outing I came across a reasonably cooperative Snowy Egret. Here’s a couple shots from the encounter.

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Seagulls in Flight

To those of us making our homes along the coast gulls are a very common sight. You see them almost everywhere. To many they’re little more than pests. Locals call them names like “Sky Rats,” […]

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These little birds are in a state of constant motion. It’s really quite entertaining to watch them dart in and out of the surf as they search for food. Sanderlings are always a hit with […]

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