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Rainy Day in the Croatan National Forest

I got up early yesterday morning, planning on looking for some macro shots in the Croatan National Forest. Before I could set-up my first shot the skies started darkening and then opened up with a […]

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Sometimes the “Wrong” Lens is Just Right!

Usually when I want to take close-up photos of plants and flowers I reach from my trusty 100mm macro lens. But recently I decided to play around with doing some close-up work with a wide […]

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Favorite for the Week

I thought I’d do a post of my favorite images for the week. You’ll notice that’s the plural of favorite… there are two that I really like. For the most part they are polar opposites. […]

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Scenes of the Croatan Forest

Recently I made a couple of short ventures into the Croatan Forest with a desire to shoot something of the landscape nature. Now landscapes in a forest can be a little tricky but it was […]

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It Just Wouldn’t be Spring Without…

It just wouldn’t be spring without a least one post with photos of wildflowers! Seriously, “April showers… Spring flowers” and such. It’s a tradition! So not wanting to condemn myself to some bad ju-ju by […]

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Mammals Aren’t the Only Meat Eaters in the Croatan Forest!

Coastal North Carolina is a magical place in so many different ways. One of those is the presence of carnivorous plants. For example, found only within a 100 miles of Wilmingtion, NC, the Venus Fly […]

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Fall Approaches, Wild Flowers Fade

Lately the mornings have been a little cool. Not crisp and frosty yet but the hint of autumn is definitely there. With that hint of fall the wildflowers found along the forest service roads are […]

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Tired of Wild Horses? Then Here’s Some Butterflies!

The truth be told I’ll never tire of photographing the wild horses that call eastern North Carolina home. But they’re not the only thing I shoot. I as out and about Sunday afternoon doing some […]

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Nature Doesn’t Always Cooperate

I left the house this evening with plans to do some light painting with one of my favorite cypress trees as my subject. I hiked in to the location, settled on an angle and composition […]

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A Tale of Two Wheels

A few weeks ago I purchased a used bicycle. Several years ago, when I lived on the beach, I rode a bike almost daily. It was always a fun experience. I also saw it as […]

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