Black Eyed Susans

Sometimes you don’t have to explore too far or work too hard to find nature’s wonder. The Black Eyed Susans pictured below are a great example. I found these flowers along the side of a forest road near my home. All I had to do was open the car door, get the gear out and shoot. Easy peasy as can be. Now I’d never be one to suggest that all nature photography should be this easy. A large part of what I love about photographing nature is that I get to be out in the field. The explorations of trails, rivers, streams and marshes are at least as important to me as is making photos. As Doug Gardner says on his TV show Wild Photo Adventures, “it’s not just the photos, it’s the outdoors experience.”

This wildflower seems shy, holding it's petal up like a hand covering the face.
The Blackeyed Susan is a common wildflower throughout the Carolinas.

A small, young flower blossom.

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