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Sometimes the “Wrong” Lens is Just Right!

Usually when I want to take close-up photos of plants and flowers I reach from my trusty 100mm macro lens. But recently I decided to play around with doing some close-up work with a wide […]

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American Oyster Catcher in Flight

Just a simple, single image post today. Here’s a photo of an American Oyster Catcher in Flight near Beaufort, North Carolina. In reference to my previous post of tricks to improve your photography you may […]

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Ten Tricks to Improve Your Nature Photography

It would be nice if there were some magic pill that would make one an excellent photographer. The fact is that no such pill exists. However, by apply a few simple tricks you can make […]

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When All Else Fails Get Creative

Yesterday didn’t go well as far as shooting days go. I forgot to set my alarm and over slept, so ended up blowing off the morning and running errands such as getting groceries and other […]

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Intoduction to Kayak Photography: A How-to Ebook

Now available for instant download, my “Introduction to Kayak Photography” is a basic guide to using kayaks for nature photography. Presented in PDF format the book consists of five chapters: Choosing a Kayak for Photography; […]

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Black Skimmers in Flight

Most of us that photograph birds are a little bit jealous of these creatures. Unlike us they are not bound to the ground but have the ability to soar, seemingly effortlessly, through the air. (Of […]

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When All Else Fails Hit the Beach

Many of my favorite spots for hiking and photographing have become mud bogs. The rain this winter has been unrelenting. When conditions are like this you can suck it up and it slop along the […]

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A Different Point of View: Get Down and Dirty to Improve Your Photos

I thought I might change things up a bit and talk little about photography and one of the things that separates professionally made images for those shot by camera bugs. Now first let me clarify […]

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