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Mammals Aren’t the Only Meat Eaters in the Croatan Forest!

Coastal North Carolina is a magical place in so many different ways. One of those is the presence of carnivorous plants. For example, found only within a 100 miles of Wilmingtion, NC, the Venus Fly […]

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From Fire Springs Life

I made a visit to a pine savanna in the Croatan National Forest. A couple weeks prior to my visit there had been a control burn in the area. It was interesting to see the […]

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It Ain’t the Lil’ Shop of Horrors, But It’s Full of Carnivorous Plants!

North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, aka the Southern Outer Banks, offers a wide variety of oppotunities for the nauter and wildlife photographer. When one thinks of the Crystal Coast they normally envision shots of shorebirds along […]

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